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Payment Intelligence®

Improve your bottom line by finding costly claim payment issues and fixing the root cause.

Prioritize cost savings by leveraging smart data to take an informed, proactive approach to claims management that could yield up to 4% cost savings through payment accuracy, reduced administrative burdens, and root cause fixes in just the first year of implementation.

Results: Significant cost savings and reduced administrative burdens.

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Health Plans consulting experience leveraged.


Reduction in claims processing costs from root cause analysis.

Up to 4%

Savings 1st year through recovery and fixes.


Health plans advised.


Reduction in claims processing costs from root cause analysis.

Up to 4%

First year savings through recovery and fixes.

What is Payment Intelligence®?

Modern technology infused with healthcare payer expertise

As a health plan, claims need to be paid accurately based on a complex set of contractual and regulatory requirements that go beyond traditional payment integrity. AArete’s Payment Intelligence® provides you with a tool that has been built based on our vast experience helping organizations like yours. By combining that experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence, you get results that reflect your sophisticated needs and adapt to new requirements in this evolving industry.

Smart scalability

Increase capacity without more headcount

Planning to grow your membership or provider network? Payment Intelligence® can support the added volume and complexity in claims with intelligence, speed and accuracy in evaluation, while effectively minimizing false positives and appeals.

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Begin saving sooner

Be up and running in 90 days

Payment Intelligence® is configured for your needs and processing opportunities in as little as ninety days. See the results reflected is the Ida™ workbench dashboard from the onset.

Cost-saving process

Find and fix the root cause of costly issues

Post-pay recoupment is a costly process. With our root cause analysis, we identify the source of the problem and help your process become smarter and more efficient, saving you both time and money.

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How much could you improve the profitability of your health plan?

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