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By combining healthcare industry experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence-based analytics, you get a solution that supports and adapts to the complexity of your requirements and needs. Backed by AArete’s history as a consulting firm, Payment Intelligence® helps manage claims efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Product Features

What does the Payment Intelligence® product do?

The Payment Intelligence® Ida™ workbench goes beyond the simple payment policies approach used by payment integrity vendors. We identify claims recovery opportunities, as well as configuration edits to address errors around member eligibility, covered benefits, contracts, provider data, payment policies and prior authorizations.


Does it help manage provider data?

Yes, Payment Intelligence® can provide you with transparency into the accuracy of your provider data. With the No Surprises Act requirements, we know this is an area of concern. We validate and verify that configured information matches source documents, including provider-sourced information (such as rosters, ACT files, contracts) and third-party information (such as AArete Intelligence® , NPPES, Google).


How does machine learning help?

If not carefully managed, artificial intelligence can provide a lot of false positives. Our Payment Intelligence ® process relies on machine learning to ensure that findings continue to improve when presented and prepared for each client. This helps to ensure any manual reviews conducted by your team are minimized over time to reflect just the changes with the highest probability of acceptance.



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